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Nabaruna liked 12 days ago
⚡ Summer, Chief Expats Officer
⚡AMA Alert ⚡ Summer, Chief Expats Officer I have run the group for the past 12 years from s handful of expats meeting for a few drinks in an Irish pub to 28,000+ members and growing – the largest expats... (More)
Yabbie replied 7 days ago

Hi! Are there any data scientists here who would be willing to answer a few questions? I'm graduating soon from my PhD ... in that field once I'm done. Thank you!

aaron commented 12 days ago
My wife and I are looking for an apartment to rent in Amsterdam from the 18th October onwards. Ideally something around €1,000 – €1,300pm / 45 m²+. We're both working and are already in the Netherlands. Any advice or knowledge... (More)
Glaphyra_Kazakova liked 13 days ago
Hi everyone! My company is actively looking to hire a senior researcher for our Amsterdam office. If you have the relevant experience given in the link below, feel free to pm me.