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Events & Meetups

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⚡ Summer, Chief Expats Officer
⚡AMA Alert ⚡ Summer, Chief Expats Officer I have run the group for the past 12 years from s handful of expats meeting for a few drinks in an Irish pub to 28,000+ members and growing – the largest expats... (More)
Let's get you into the right mood for the weekend with another few rounds of Bingo, networking, drinks and fun tomorrow! See you at Clinknoord!

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Here's how our first Expats Music Bingo went down! Thanks to everyone who attended and for the wonderful staff of Clinknoord for making this happen. We've taken all your feedback and will be bringing that to our next edition coming... (More)
Happening tomorrow: Our new Music Bingo meetup! Pop by for some corona-responsible fun! This week also happens to be Clinknoord's 5th Birthday celebrations so the fun factor is guaranteed!

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