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Job opportunity

Hello everyone!

I work for an ecommerce located in the center of Amstedam and we are looking for good people to join in our team.

If you are interested check the link below.

Hi, would anyone know how hard it would be to find employment in Amsterdam for someone outside of the EU? I've been trying to find a job there since early 2020 and its been tough on me. My partner is... (More)

Job Opportunity -

Hi everyone! I am a Recruiter for NBCU (global media conglomerate- Universal, NBC, CNBC etc.) and we are currently looking for an Assistant Financial Controller for our Amsterdam team. Ideally someone with 5+ years experience with a Big 4 and/or... (More)

⚡ Summer, Chief Expats Officer
⚡AMA Alert ⚡ Summer, Chief Expats Officer I have run the group for the past 12 years from s handful of expats meeting for a few drinks in an Irish pub to 28,000+ members and growing – the largest expats... (More)